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• 12/05/15-Rules Link now added
• 07/05/15-The Old Gods have awoken - The Battle commences 08/05/15
• 22/4/15-Dark Age Fantasy Launch Date
• 28/3/15-Layout for the Immortal
• 15/4/15-Overlord of the Void Speaks
• 01/4/14-More Photographs Arrive
• 01/2/15-Playtesting for Immortal
• 05/1/15-Likes and More Facebook Likes

Welcome to our New World

Broken Spirit Wargames is a brand new Company that is dedicated to re-writing the rules! We specialise in writing rules for existing miniature lines that do not have any! Our mission is simple, old fashioned Toy Soldiers & Dice Wargaming that runs on the slickest modern game mechanics. Balance is the key with our games.... no overpowered units or models at all, everything has a weakness in our world!

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Latest Game Release

Immortal - Dark Age Fantasy
is our first product launching 4th May 2015 on Kickstarter. The Old Gods have awoken, the time of Immortals is upon us! Join the fight today!

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Current Projects

The Broken Spirit Wargame Team
is currently working on an exciting set of new projects! We are also always on the look out for new partners who would like a rule set to compliment their miniatures range

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