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Immortal Dark Age Fantasy

- The year is 400ad. The Roman Empire has abandoned it's garrisons leaving the country a war torn place where the heroes of the six nations battle for power and wealth. Seeking the tool too secure victory has lead the heroes to the discovery of an ancient tome which tells of the ways in which to gain the aid of the gods of old and their armies of heavenly and demonic might. The time of the Immortals is upon us and you have been called to war! Will Good or Evil prevail?? - Immortal is a 28mm Dark Age Fantasy tabletop wargame. Players take control of Warbands made up of Immortals, Heroes and Warriors in this semi-skirmish game which is easy to learn but hard to master. This is our first product which has been created with all the classic elements you would expect from a dice and miniatures wargame as well as a series of slick modern gaming mechanics that really bring this setting to life!

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Something Big Is On The Horizon - Prepare for War!

- Download the new set of gaming rules here!.
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